Our chef has been working in several restaurants for 30 years. Drawing upon his vast experience and using the best ingredients to create these authentic dishes exclusive to New Manga Tandoori Restaurant.
Allergen Contain = Dairy, Mustard, (Seafood contain Crustaceans)
NAGA SPECIAL CHICKEN TIKKA (Madras hot 5*) (Cooked with thin sliced chicken tikka with exotic selected spices and herbs, with Bangladeshi Naga chillies along with fried capsicum and sprinkle coriander on top) £11.95
MONJILA CHICKEN TIKKA (Madras hot 5*) (Small pieces of chicken tikka with green chilli,fresh Ginger and coriander with a zest of Lemon, garnished with salad on top, give a delicious taste) £11.95
MONJILA MEAT (MUTTON) (Madras hot 5*) (Small pieces of Lamb tikka with green chilli, fresh Ginger and coriander with a zest of Lemon , garnished with salad on top, give a delicious taste) £11.95
SUNAM SPECIAL (Chicken, Mutton, Prawn) (Medium, Zero hotness) (Cooked with garlic, Onion, fresh coriander with mixture of spices, garnished with salad along with sliced tomato and cucumber on top) £11.95
ROSHNI CHICKEN TIKKA (Medium, Zero hotness) (chicken tikka with fresh green peppers and Onion, along with garlic and fresh coriander, decorated with fried garlic and coriander) £11.95
AKBORI KING PRAWN (Slightly hot 2*) (Cooked in the Tandoori clay Oven with exotic selected herbs and spices, along with chilli sauce and coriander, served on Lettuce, decorated with slices of tomato, cucumber and coriander on top) £13.95
AROMATIC ACHARI CHICKEN TIKKA (Slightly hot 2*) (Medium thin slices of chicken tikka, cooked with fresh herbs and spices, with Mustard seeds along with chilli and lime pickle, topped with fresh coriander) £11.95
SALMON TIKKA BHUJON (Medium, Zero hotness) (Marinated with herbs and spices, then grilled in the tandoori clay Oven, then again cooked with selected herbs and spices) £12.95