Allergen Section

If you are allergic to anything please tell the waiter when you order.

 Allergen alerts, please read before placing your order, some dishes may contain traces of other allergen.

if you have specific dietary needs, please give us advance notice to discuss with us if we are able to cater your requirements.

 All of our dishes and pilau rice contain dairy.

Achari = Mustard and Dairy

Almashriqui = Dairy, nuts and mustard

Bombay = Egg

Badami = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Balti Dishes = Nuts Mustard and Dairy

Biriyany Dishes = Nuts, Egg, Dairy, Tikka dishes also Mustard

Butter chicken Tikka = Dairy, Nuts and Mustard

Curry dishes (Any curry dish) = Dairy in the gravy

Chapati = Gluten

Chicken Tikka = Dairy and Mustard

Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala = Dairy and Mustard

Ceylon = Nuts Sulphur dioxide

Dansak = Dairy, Tikka dishe also Mustard

English Chicken Tikka = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Fried Rice (Any fried rice) = Dairy (also some fried rice contain nuts, Mustard, Egg, Sulphur dioxide)

Flaming dishes = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Garlic Chicken Tikka = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Gravy/Sauce = Dairy

Jalfrizy = Dairy and Mustard

Kebab = Egg

King prawn Butterfly = Egg, Gluten

Korai = Dairy and Mustard

Kurma = Dairy and Nuts

Khadari = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Lamb Tikka = Dairy and Mustard

Lamb Tikka Chilli Masala = Dairy and Mustard

Masala Dishes = Dairy, Nuts and Mustard

Makani = Dairy, nuts and (celery in the tomato sauce)

Mint sauce = Dairy

Monjila Dishes = Dairy and Mustard

Naan = Gluten, Dairy, Egg (some naan also contain Nuts)

Naga Dishes = Dairy and Mustard

New Magna Mix Masala = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Onion Bhaji = Gram Flour, Egg

Omelette = Eggs

Pasanda = Dairy,nuts, mustard, sulphur dioxide

Pathia = Dairy in the gravy, tikka dishes also mustard

Pilau Rice = Dairy

Pickle = Mustard

Papadom = Gluten

Paratha = Gluten

Puree = Gluten

Prawn Cocktail = Crustaceans, Egg, mustard

Prawn and King Prawn = Crustaceans

Raita = Dairy

Roshni Masala = Dairy, nuts and Mustard

Rangeela = Dairy, nuts and mustard

Samosa = Gluten

Sauce/Gravy = Dairy

Sunam Special = Dairy, Crustaceans

Tandoori ( Any Dishes) = Dairy And Mustard

Vegetable (Mixed Vegetable dishes) = Mustard

Yogurt = Dairy


Please let us know which strength you require:

 M —Medium (Zero hotness)        5* —Madras hot

 1* —Beginning hot                    10* —Vindaloo hot

 2* —Fairly hot                          20* —Tindaloo hot

                         30* —Phall hot


Curries are most predominantly, cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger,Coriander, Chillies, Pepper, Bay leaves, and Turmeric, are but a few of the herbs and spices to be named out of the hundred or so used in New magna Cuisine.

Fresh coriander and different nuts are also used for curry decorations.

All the chicken, Lamb, Prawn, Basmati Rice and Spices used in New Magna Cuisine are prime Quality.

Your meal is prepared individually to order, so if you require your meal to be either hot, medium or mild spicy, our Chef will pleased to do so.

 We are proud that we provide the best food and service in the area.

Please do not hesitate to ask your waiter for assistance in choosing your meal.